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PCD Third Party Manufacturing company
November 18, 2021

In the modern pharma market, third party manufacturing in pharma is quite popular. In this blog, we will explain 6 easy steps of setting a third-party manufacturing partner.

6 Easy Steps for Third Party Manufacturing in Pharma

#1 You have to begin with noting down the list of desired products

Take a paper and make a list of products that you want to manufacture. You can do it electronically as well. Once the product list is ready, then you can refine it further.

You have to perform online research to find the best PCD Third Party Manufacturing company. For that, you have to read referrals by other companies or customers.

Once the list is ready, then you have to send an email. The vital information will be the cost of the product, securities, and the minimum quantity of products.

Also, you need to have clarity about the product delivery schedule.

#2 Order quantity based on product consumption

Once you shortlist the products, then you have to finalize the order quantity.

#3 Place your order

You finalize the product composition and also make the list of products along with their order quantities. Now it is time to place the order.

The third-party manufacturer chosen by you will make the products based on your order. You need conformation for the same.

You may have to deposit a partial amount to start the process. This step is not mandatory. It depends on the terms and conditions of your contract.

Third party manufacturing in pharma offers easy payment terms

#4 Work on the artwork

Your marketing team should sit with the PCD Third Party Manufacturing company to finalize the artwork. You need to check the brand name and logo on the carton and foils. Check packing and manufacturing details and composition on the artwork. Is the color combination or design as per your expectation?

Are the company details, name, and logos rightly printed?

All these aspects need to be mandatorily checked.

#5 Send required documents

You are supposed to send a few documents mandatorily as per the government guidelines.

They are company profile Drug license, Aadhaar Card, PAN card, Manufacturing agreement, GST certificate, manufacturing agreement, non-resemblance certificate.

#6 Delivery of the product

You will get a quotation from the manufacturer. It will mention the product details. It will also mention the deposit amount and outstanding amount. You will get products through the designated transporters.

The third party manufacturing is a preferred business model by many pharma companies because it is easy, economical, and effective.

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