How to Commence a Successful Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit in India?

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit in India
September 20, 2021

Commence a Successful Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit in India

The Government of India is taking up the strategies for promoting the Make in India Movement by giving the maximum facilities and support for the start-up businesses. In this regard, efforts are also being made in the Pharmaceutical manufacturing units.

Here are the Precise Steps for Initiating a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit in India.

  • Step 1: Choosing the Type and Category for the Company

Always you will have to pick the name of the company that will be easy to understand, catchy, but appropriate. Right after that, you should also decide the type of manufacturing company that you are looking for, like Ayurvedic medicines, modern medicines, or allopathy.

After that, you will have to consider the category the business falls under, like the branded pharma company, generic pharma company, counter Drug Company, export-oriented Pharma manufacturing company, Hospital supply, and medicine distribution company. You can also start the manufacturing unit for medical-surgical devices, parenteral drugs, ophthalmic drops, and powders.

  • Step 2: Registering your Unit

Right after the decision of the type of the unit you will have to register the company under the Companies Act 1965 of the Companies Act 2013. When it comes to the partnership firm, you will require registering under the limited liability partnership under Partnership Act 1932 to get the benefits and opportunities.

You will have to consider the MSME registration. Moreover, licensing is an important part of the establishment of the Pharmaceutical unit. You will get the availability of the types of licenses and registration depending on the local regulations.

It includes company registration, drug manufacturing license, drug distribution license, goods and service tax requirement, laboratory testing license, NOC from the other departments, machines, and equipment.

  • Step 3: Hiring Staff

Whenever it comes to the eligibility and qualification of the technical people, you will have to find out the right professionals who will be there to manage analytical and manufacturing processes.

The pharmaceutical business in India can give you a bright future. Besides it also has got a rich history in the past. One can just reach incredible heights whenever it comes to planning and implementation of the goals in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Step 4: Submitting Required Documents

Bank challan copy, layout plan, details of the staff, and consent of full-time employment are the mandatory documents. Besides, you have to submit documents on the rent agreement to prove the ownership or the partnership, the equipment, and machinery purchase bills.

There’s a need for details of authorized partners site plan, NOC from state pollution control board, NOC of municipal corporation letter, license clearance from drug controller general of India if applicable.

Moving Forward

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