How to Increase Sales in PCD Pharma?

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How to Increase Sales in PCD Pharma?
March 27, 2024

Indian branded pharmaceuticals are a competitive arena. Sales maximization is a vital factor and the window to the business’s success as a PCD franchisee. So, indeed, once you are armed with the right tools and a determination to excel, you can lead your PCD pharma company toward attaining your business objectives.

Strategies for Success in the Indian Pharma PCD Franchise Market

  1. Building Strong Relationships

Healthcare Professionals: Physicians, pharmacists, and even the whole healthcare framework hold large authority over drug selection. Create lasting bonds with them by arranging educational seminars, performing PCD pharma company product list demos, and ensuring that product responsiveness is fast and reliable.

Distributors and Retailers:

It is the reliable distributors and retailers that serve as your link to the market. Let trust be generated by offering competitive margins, providing regular deliveries, and supporting adverts with promotional materials.

Product Selection:

Choose from the list of products provided by the PCD pharma company franchise that have not been provided in the territory in which you operate.

Regulatory Compliance:

Strict compliance with regulations’ rigid observance is a prerequisite. Secure proper conditions of product storage, handling, and documentation for the development of trustful relations with healthcare professionals and patients.

  1. Efficient Marketing and Communication

Targeted Communication:

Design specific promotional campaigns that can be contextualized according to the needs of the local healthcare professionals and their patients. Leveraging a range of online marketing strategies, including social networking and informative content creation with traditional methods such as medical representative visits and informative brochures will help overcome the limitations posed by the shortage of financial support.

Brand Awareness:

On the other hand, you must increase brand awareness through efficient marketing campaigns. This could include organizing medical conferences locally, co-branding with healthcare organizations events, and or attending the advocacy groups of patients.

  1. Making a High Performed Sales Team

Recruitment and Training:

Assess the hiring process and fill in the gaps by employing competent salespersons. Wrap them up with indispensable information about your product, persuasive and reliable communication skills, and moral-based marketing practices.

Performance Incentives:

Achieve motivation for your team by introducing performance-related incentives. Thus, they are motivated to add an extra stretch, create better relations with health professionals, and so on, to boost sales.

  1. Remarkable Customer Service


Secure prompt and accurate customer-friendly support for both dealers and medical personnel. Here you go: this includes rapid order fulfillment, answering customer queries on time, and continuously providing them with after-sales support.

Value-Added Services:

Try not to just sell products, but help your customers learn through content. Introduce add-on services that involve workshops for drug stores, patient counseling, and a program for the establishment of distributors’ loyalty to create long-term relationships.

Partnering for Success with Astemax Biotech

In Astemax Biotech we realize what exactly is a struggle and what a boon for the industry of PCD pharma as this is a huge area of pharmaceuticals. Through our collaboration, you will receive the dedicated support of a specialized marketing department, along with a portfolio of high-quality products that will enable you, as a franchisor, to meet your full potential.

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