What are the Various Types of Pharmaceutical Companies in India?

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Pharmaceutical Companies in India
August 07, 2021

Various Types of Pharmaceutical Companies in India

There are many facets of Pharmaceutical Companies in India. These companies deal in medicines and drugs, surgical equipment, medical devices, and many other things related to healthcare and well-being.

As diseases are increasing, the demand for pharma products is also going up.

Medicines are crucial for healthcare and treatment. The process of drug development is complex and long. Based on the production process, pharma companies can be divided into several categories.

Pharma companies are developing and manufacturing innovative solutions to fight the increasing demand for new medicines.

Here is the categorization of pharmaceutical companies in Haryana.

Brand Developers

Big pharma companies are involved in brand development. Every company deals in a different type of medicine or disease.

Brand developers are of three types:

  • API manufacturer
  • Contract manufacturer
  • Formulation manufacturer

Generic Competition

There are many pharma companies that produce generic products. These products are available at lower rates. Products do not pass the high cost of research and development sometimes.

R&D Companies

R&D or Research and Development are vital parts of the manufacturing process of medicines. It plays a significant role in small, medium, and large companies. They perform the characteristics of ailments. Without R&D, it is impossible to find out and cure diseases.

Pharma Manufacturing

It includes a drug production process. In addition, the manufacturing unit carries out the following activities:

  • Marketing
  • Changing
  • Finishing of drugs

Other parts of the pharma manufacturing unit are ornamentation, packing, and drug labeling.

Pharma Marketing

One can launch a pharma marketing company or introduce a pharma franchise distribution unit. Both ways are lucrative and profitable. It depends on what stream do you find more useful.

Pharma Distribution

Pharma distribution is a generic category. It has several sub-categories such as wholesaler, stockiest, sub-stockiest, C&F Carry and Forward, distributor, and so on. PCD distributor is a link between the pharma company and pharma store. It is a preferred stream for startups and established Pharmaceutical companies in Haryana.

Pharma Retail

It includes pharmacy shops, chemist shops, drug, and medical stores, and others. Nowadays, E-pharmacy is a popular concept. It is a retail business category.

If you dig down further, then you will find medical devices, surgical products, dietary supplements, and cosmetic products. A pharma franchise company acts as the link. Its functions are responsible for the respective role.

When you decide on various types of Pharmaceutical Companies in India, it is essential to select the right type of business model. It determines profit and better results.

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