Pharma Franchise Marketing: Online vs. Offline Strategies

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Pharma Franchise Marketing: Online vs. Offline Strategies
October 31, 2023

When you own the best pcd pharma franchise in india, it is important that you use the best marketing strategy to capture the market. Most marketers use their gut feeling to pick the suitable strategy because there is no set formula for success.

There could be two strategies: Either you choose online marketing strategy or offline marketing strategy. But they are not mutually exclusive. You need to understand various factors about them and decide to use both wisely.

Let’s take a look at the strategies available to marketers both online, using the wide world of the internet. And it could be offline, and using traditional, internet-free tools.

Online Marketing

There’s a lot of buzz about online marketing today. It is because people spend a lot of time on computers, smartphones, and tablets today. Therefore, you can easily touch them digitally. It is not only easy and quick, but it is also an affordable and cost-effective proposition.

Here are some of the more popular online marketing strategies marketers use today.


Every business has an online presence in the form of a website. It is a mandatory thing today to be competitive.

A pcd pharma company in india should have a website that is accessible on all devices seamlessly. It means, it should be usable on computers and laptops, and handheld devices like tabs and mobile phones.


Blogs are platforms where companies issue articles related to topics of public interest. These articles are about upcoming events. It can be about the latest industry trends or new attractions. It can be about tips and suggestions to people. It is a good way to show your subject knowledge.

Offline Marketing strategies

Though online strategies are preferred today, it does not mean that the offline strategies have lost their relevance.

They are still used by marketers because of their effectiveness. Whether it is about pcd pharma product list or any other thing, these strategies are quite useful.

Here are some offline strategies that are popular.


From the last few decades, television ads have been popular among marketers. It is because of its immense power to reach the masses. Therefore, when you show TV ads during an important event, such as football matches, it will still have a big success.


When you want to promote the things in the local market, Radio ads are quite successful. Therefore, advertisers use them frequently. Specialists have been considering Radio as a major business driver since ages.

Since Radio is a medium that can be accessed while you are doing any work or when you are busy with daily chores; it is very much useful and effective.

Print collaterals

Despite the popularity of other mediums, print media has not lost its importance. Some popular print collaterals are Brochures and flyers. There are other things like signage, and pamphlets are also distributed.

It is possible to hand over them during the events. Or they can be distributed to the customers directly.

Which strategy you will use? Well, it depends on your preferences and needs.

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