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Astemax Biotech is undoubtedly the top player in this industry. Our true dedication and scientific approaches have been fuelling progress in for a long time in an imaginable way.

We offer modern-day solutions to society with avision into how innovations and research can drive an enhanced future. We are the best PCD franchise company in India in terms of premium quality of products, packaging, and pricing. We aim to bring you the best healthcare resolutions through higher quality formulations.

Astemax Biotech – A Topmost PCD Pharma Company Product List

We endeavor to be one of India’s best PCD Pharma company by recurrently intensifying our reach with the assistance of our distributors, agencies and franchise models clubbed with promotional backing. We provide distribution rights and marketing support to individuals/ organizations who want to become franchise partners of our company. We make sure that our franchise partners have precise monopoly rights in their allotted locations to be secure of growth and scalability.

We have a wide range of tablets, capsules, soft gelatine capsules, injections, infusions, syrups, dry syrups, ointments, sachets, granules, powders, oral care and hygiene products, eye care drops and other related products, health supplements like Vitamins, herbal and organic range of products, sanitization products, personal hygiene products, and many more.

We also supply a comprehensive range of pharma products, ranging from Analgesics & NSAIDs, Anti-acids & Gastroenterology, Multivitamins & Anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial, Injectables, Anti-Allergic, Herbal Products, Food Products, Cardiac, Appetite Stimulants, Antibiotics, Psychiatry, and Hepatology in the diverse forms of medicine syrups, capsules, tablets, drops, oils, different ointments and much more.

Best PCD Pharma Franchise Company across India

We focus on the competition as well as pricing in our franchise model. This is the main reason why we do precise calculations and tunings while calculating cost and keep the prices competitive as much as they can. Here, you will comprehend how we focus on explicit PCD pharma companies price list calculations.

  • A PCD pharma company calculates their cost of raw material by using the calculation of the net rate. The actual price of PCD Pharma Companies deal for a specific franchise is entirely based on the net price.
  • The formula that a PCD Pharma Company leverages for generating aprecise price list is:
  • Total cost = Manufacturing cost + packing material cost + transportation + expenses + promotional material + taxes
  • Margin Percentage = Total cost x Net rate
  • You can find out that the margin rate of all companies are completely different. An organisation’s margin rate relies on numerous factors, like admin expenses, staff, stakeholders, and other operational & non-operational costs.
  • If you compare the prices of a generic drug firm with a PCD pharma agency, you can see a big difference in prices. The prime aspect for the variance is branding. A generic company never invests funds on marketing its brands and medicines. While a PCD pharma company places lots of energy into business branding. They leverage diverse promotional items, like leaf behind cards, bags, covers, visual aids, writing diaries, pads for writing, and many other marketing support items. These efforts upsurge their cost and prices compared to generic drugs.
  • A company always calculates and sets a price that will be charged from the customers during selling. Here, stuff is even in the hands of franchise holders as they require to set their profit margin rate by converging on cost and expenses. All these stuffs also include the transportation costs.

Astemax Biotech – The future of PCD pharma franchise in India

In our journey, we are not alone. Astemax Biotech is backed with a team of loyal professionals. It inspires us to bring a seamless merger of acquaintance and advanced technology right into action and form innovative pharma products. We have worked solely to cater to every age’s healthcare requirement for generations. Our product range offers affordability, reliability and 100% quality precision. That is another big reason; we also receive orders from abroad, which is a big achievement.

Astemax Biotech is the top PCD Pharma franchise company in India. PCD, which stands for Propaganda-Cum-Distribution, is used for the manufacturing, marketing, and distributing of products in the pharmaceutical industry.

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We are proud to be one of the best PCD Pharma companies in India as we ensure that the products we manufacture, market & distribute are manufactured with reliable and quality ingredients and with ISO & WHO-GMP certifications.

Astemax Biotech and its partners have teams of experienced quality controllers who monitor the quality of our pharma products. They also overlook the storage and distribution process to ensure that the quality of the pharma products is maintained during these logistical processes. If you want to know more about our pharma franchise model, connect with our team today itself!

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