What is PCD in Pharma Franchise Business?

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What is PCD in Pharma Franchise Business?
December 24, 2021

PCD Pharma Franchise business has become quite popular in recent times. What is this business model and why has it become a favorite?

PCD is the abbreviation of Propaganda cum Distribution. Like a pharma franchise, it refers to authorization of marketing and distribution rights by a pharmaceutical company to a pharma distributor.

The rights are given so that the distributor can use the company name or brand name on behalf of the pharma company.

The franchise agreement is done between the franchiser and the franchisee. When we say franchisee, he is basically an entrepreneur, who is going to buy the franchise from the larger company, i.e., franchiser.It is a lucrative business opportunity.

The franchise follows the principles of the pharma company

Basically, PCD is a franchise business. Therefore, the rights of selling the products by the name of the pharma company are given to the franchise partner.

Since customers do not see the franchise partner and the pharma company as two different entities, it is essential that the franchise works in the line with the principles and work ethics being followed by the pharma company.

This is a very important aspect that needs to be clear for the franchise partner. Otherwise, it harms the image of the pharma company and in turn affects the profitability.

Every Pharma Franchise Company in India wants to enhance its product reachability and popularity. Therefore, PCD has become a common business model. There is one more reason behind the growth of the business. Pharma business is a future-oriented business. Therefore, it is unending.

Prerequisites of starting a PCD

Best PCD Pharma Franchise Companies are doing well. If you want to launch a PCD pharma franchise business, then you should have a strong belief in yourself.

Also, you should have a strong network and relationship with medical professionals, doctors, and medical representatives. They are the backbone of your business.

Always choose a successful and big pharma company. It increases your probability of being successful in the business.

A pharmaceutical company grants permission to an individual, professional, distributor, or a group to allow control over the products and trademarks. This entity, which is called a PCD, will work on behalf of the pharma company and be considered the same entity by customers and channel partners.

Benefits of PCD

  • Low Investment
  • Less administrative overheads
  • Bigger profits
  • Monopoly right

If you want to be successful in the pharmaceutical business, then become a PCD franchise of a successful company.


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