How To Find WHO GMP Certified PCD Pharma Companies In India?

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How To Find WHO GMP Certified PCD Pharma Companies In India?
May 24, 2022

When you invest a big amount in Pharma franchise Company in india, you have to be vigilant. It is because not only your invested money in the business is at the risk, but the life of the consumers as well. The products are related to the health and life of consumers. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious. Perform a thorough background check before you choose a company.

What should be the most important criterion while doing that? You should confirm that the company you are partnering with is WHO GMP certified.

Why do you need a certified company?

A company achieving WHO GMP certification guarantees that it follows the process while manufacturing drugs. Also, by acquiring the certificate it becomes directly responsible for human life.

A certified company gets guidelines about the health of consumers who will use the products. The ingredients, raw material, processes, manufacturing conditions, everything has to fulfill the norms laid down by the certification agency. Best PCD Pharma Companies nowadays prefer WHO GMP certification because it enhances the product quality.

How will you find the right WHO GMP certified company in India?

To get legitimate WHO GMP Certified Pharma Company you are supposed to take a few steps. Here are some tips.

Check the company history

You can check the legitimate WHO GMP certified company without any hassles today. There are various sources where one can cross-check.

You should check that the company manufactures many pharma products along with WHO GMP certified products. Does the company offer a competitive price range? Are the products affordable to common consumers?

Can you get the information about the level of safety of methods of production? Are the products safe for consumers?

Does the company take care of the people working in the organization? Does the manufacturing plant (or plants) go through the guidance of subject matter experts?

Is a high level of accuracy maintained in the manufacturing process?

If all the answers are “Yes”, then you can be assured about the standard of the company. You are partnering with one of the Best PCD Pharma Companies.

Check the documents

A Pharma franchise Company in India has to submit various documents while applying for WHO GMP certification. Some of the important documents are:

  • Certificate of Analysis or COA
  • Method of Analysis or MOA
  • Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product or COPP
  • Free Sale Certificate or FSC

You can request the company to show copies of these documents. You require expertise to read and understand the meaning of these documents. Therefore, you may need a consultant for that as its language is a bit technical.

The fundamental purpose of certification is to make sure that the production process follows the safest methods. If all the processes are as per the standard, the product is up to the mark. But if it is not there, then the legitimacy is under suspicion. You should think before partnering with the company.

You should ensure that the products are made using WHO GMP certification. It guarantees the high-quality of products.

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